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   Cobalt Market & News
   CAMEC in cobalt deal with Chinese firm
   Japan Oil, Gas and Metals was unable to buy cobalt and ferro Vanadium
   China import cobalt concentrate rose 25%
   UK firm to operate Zambia cobalt mine: minister
   Europe cobalt price declined
   Kasese Cobalt Company is seeking materials for its smelters
   Chinese import cobalt concentrate amount rose 61% in April
   Low spot demand in cobalt market
   Cobalt Price
   International Cobalt Market Prices Jul.20 07-20
   International Cobalt Market Prices Jul.14 07-14
   International Cobalt Market Prices Jul.9 07-08
   International Cobalt Market Prices Jul.3 07-03
   International Cobalt Market Prices Jun.25 06-25
   International Cobalt Market Prices Jun.19 06-18
   International Cobalt Market Prices Jun.16 06-15
   International Cobalt Market Prices Jun.4 06-04
   Supply & Demand
   Sell Cobalt Cathodes 07-13
   Sell Cobalt Concentrate 07-13
   Sell Cobalt Cathode 07-02
   Buy Cobalt sulfate 06-30
   cobalt heterogenite 06-30
   sell cobalt 06-23
   Sell Natural Cobalt Ore Directly From The Mine 06-23
   Sell Raw Cobalt Min 7 % Content 06-23
   Supply COBALT OXIDE 72%MIN 06-23
   Cobalt Powder 06-23
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