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   Sell Coarse Lead and Lead Dust
   Buy lead ore 55%
   Lead ore and lead materiel
   Buy Lead Ingot
   Lead ore and lead materiel
   Buy lead ingots
   Sell lead products
   Lead & Zinc ore
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   lead ingot
   coblat 40% Anitmony ore ,64% Aluminium Ore (bauxite)70%
   Buy Lead Ingots
   antimony concentrate
   Buy lead ore
   Sell lead products
   lead ore
   Buy Copper Zinc Lead Ore Concentrate Slags
   Lead & Zinc ore
   Buy Lead Ore/Ash /SLAG with Large QuantitY
Title Type Author Time
   lead ore Sell Mo_abdolrazaq Ayotunde 2009-06-21
   Buying lead ore Sell Miss Su 2009-05-20
   Sell lead ore 50% Sell William Onakpoma 2009-05-20
   buy lead ore Sell Chen Wuchu 2009-05-10
   want to buy lead ore/concetrate Sell Charles Nan 2009-05-10
   lead ore about 50% for sale Sell Nguyen Thuan 2009-05-10
   Sell Coarse Lead and Lead Dust Sell Yemi 2009-04-15
   Buy lead ore 55% Buy Yemi 2009-04-15
   Buy Remelted Lead or Pure Lead Sell Darshan Darshan 2009-04-15
   Buy lead concentrate Sell SEORAK SON 2009-03-02
   Sell lead concentrates Sell ѧݧ֧ڧ 2009-02-12
   Lead and Zinc Ore/Concentrate Sell SEORAK SON 2009-02-04
   Lead and Zinc Ore Sell Mikael Keinonen 2009-01-04
   Buy Lead Ingot 99.9% Buy Mr Brian Tang 2009-01-04
   Buy Lead Ingot Buy Vipin Gambhir 2009-01-04
   Lead ore and lead materiel Sell Tony Enirayetan 2009-01-04
   lead ore Sell Mr Mohammad Usmani 2009-01-03
   Buy Lead Ingot Buy Mr Vorobjov Yuri 2008-12-23
   Lead concentrates Sell Mr Tanzeem Haider 2008-12-16
   Lead ore and lead materiel Sell Mangara Sitanggang 2008-12-14
   lead ore Sell Bolaji ogundeji 2008-12-11
   Lead ore and lead materiel Sell Brian Norwell 2008-12-07
   Buy Lead Ingot Buy Mr amine borji 2008-12-05
   Lead ore and lead materiel Sell Mr. Nolan 2008-12-01
   Buy Lead Ingot Buy Shahidul H Chowdhury 2008-11-25
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