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LME Daily Price / Nickel
   Nickel Market&News
   Nickel Price Forecast Raised by CPM for Final Quarter on Strike
   European Nickel ends Caldag off-take deal with BHP
   Western Areas to Sell 25,000 Tons of Nickel to China¡¯s Jinchuan
   Nickel futures rise as demand picks up
   Rockfall closes BHP nickel mine
   BHP's Yabulu Nickel Review May Be Completed Next Week
   European Nickel making progress on Caldag project talks, BHP Billiton
   RPT-BHP Billiton Eyeing Nickel Asset Sales - Report
   Nickel Material
   International Nickel Market Prices Jul.20 07-20
   International Nickel Market Prices Jul.13 07-13
   International Nickel Market Prices Jul.8 07-08
   International Nickel Market Prices Jul.3 07-03
   International Nickel Market Prices Jun.29 06-28
   International Nickel Market Prices Jun.26 06-26
   International Nickel Market Prices Jun.25 06-25
   International Nickel Market Prices Jun.24 06-24
   Supply & Demand
   Sell Nickel Wire 07-13
   Nickel Ore 07-13
   Nickel Ore 07-12
   Nickel Ore 06-23
   nickel ore 06-23
   Buy Scrap Nickel 06-23
   Buy Nickel Scrap, Cobalt Scrap 06-23
   Buy Nickel Ore 06-23
   Nickel and Cobalt Alloys 06-23

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