Holiday on 3rd ~5th Sep to commemorate 70th anniversary of the victory of the on 6th Sep(sunday).
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   LME Zinc Price Trend Nov.21-Nov.27
   LME Zinc Price Graph Nov.10-Nov.14
   LME Zinc Price Graph Sep.22-Sep.27
   LME Zinc Price Trend Jul
   LME Zinc Price Trend Nov.17-Nov.20
   LME Zinc Price Graph Nov.3-Nov.7
Title Time
   LME Zinc Price Trend Nov.21-Nov.27 11-29
   LME Zinc Price Trend Nov.17-Nov.20 11-21
   LME Zinc Price Graph Nov.10-Nov.14 11-14
   LME Zinc Price Graph Nov.3-Nov.7 11-07
   LME Zinc Price Graph Sep.22-Sep.27 09-26
   LME Zinc Price Trend Jul 08-03
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