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   zinc deposits Zn 20%, Pb 4.5%
   Purchase Zinc Billet
    Sell Zinc Chloride
   Sell Zinc Oxide/Direct Method Zinc Oxide
   Sell Large Quantity Of Iron Ore, Copper, Zinc, Coal, Alloys
   Sell Zinc Concentrate
   Sell Zinc casting product
   Sell Zinc Oxide 99%/99.5%/99.7%
   Buy Zinc Chloride
   Buy Zinc Ashes
Information hot
   Supply Zinc Ore
   Buy Zinc Ashes
    Sell Zinc Sulphate(ZnSO4)
   Buy Zinc Ore/Ash in Large Quantity
   Buy Zinc ash and Zinc dross
   Sell Zinc ingot
   Sell Zinc Ore
   Buy Zin Ingot
   Cobalt Alloys
   Zinc ore
Title Type Author Time
   Buying lead, zinc and molybdenum ore Sell Miss Su 2009-05-20
   zinc deposits Zn 20%, Pb 4.5% Sell Luis Mariano Eskenasy 2009-05-10
   Sell zinc oxide Sell Wise 2009-02-12
   Lead and Zinc Ore/Concentrate Sell SEORAK SON 2009-02-04
   Sell sludge contained Zinc Sell Elliott G. Stegin 2009-01-04
   Buy Zin Ingot Buy Ms Alexandra Vorobjova 2008-12-23
   Zinc ore Sell Autrade Pty Ltd 2008-12-18
   Zinc Ore Sell Jishnu 2008-12-16
   Zinc ore Sell Cosmo 2008-12-11
   Cobalt Alloys Sell ERNEST DUMBILI 2008-12-09
   Zinc Ore 35% Sell N C Jishnu 2008-12-09
   Buy Zinc Ingot Buy Mr hamed mobini 2008-11-25
   Zinc ore Sell sadat 2008-11-14
   Zinc ore Sell sadat 2008-11-07
   Buy Zinc Concentrate Ore Buy Apple Chen 2008-10-29
   Buy Zinc ore Buy gaurav jumrani 2008-10-29
   Buy zinc oxide ore Buy Soonlie Xu 2008-10-29
   We want to purchase Zinc ore from Indonesia Buy y.j. lee(Director/CEO/General Manager) 2008-10-29
   Buy Zinc Oxide Ore Buy Ms. Xu 2008-10-29
   Sell Zinc Oxide Sell Mr. Jasone 2008-10-29
   Purchase Zinc Billet Buy Mr hossein firoozi 2008-10-22
    Sell Zinc Chloride Sell Ms. Lisa 2008-10-21
   Sell Zinc Oxide/Direct Method Zinc Oxide Sell Ken Wang 2008-10-21
   Sell Large Quantity Of Iron Ore, Copper, Zinc, Coal, Alloys Sell Mr. Patrick Hopkins 2008-10-21
   Sell Zinc Concentrate Sell Mr. Mohammad Abdi 2008-10-21
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