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Members' Rights and Duties
1.Members have to fill in the information in earnest, and get the tryout authorities after the administrator's audit. Tryout for 7 days.
2.Free members have all authorities except looking over the supply and demand information during the tryout period.
3.Full members can enjoy services all over the web. For details, please apply to Scope of Services.
4.The user name and password should be carefully kept and available for members only. They should not be spread to any third party. If the password is stolen, please inform us to change it as soon as possible. Any loss due to the spread or being stolen of the password, the members will be responsible for it on their own and the loss of our web as well.
5.This net is responsible for all copyright of the information and other relevant power. Without the written authorization of our web, the members should not copy, edit, spread, propagate and sell the information post in this web to the third party in any ways. If there's any breach,we'll stop our service unconditionally once being checked ( It's within our own discretion.) And we'll also reserve the right to prosecute for legal responsibility and claim damages.
6.Members should guarantee all the information registered and issued on this web is true, integral and legal, and mustn¡¯t issue any false information or the one that is contrary to the rules stipulated in the relevant laws of PRC. If there¡¯s any breach, the members themselves should take the relevant responsibilities.
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